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Sales Effectiveness Business Suite

Take your ability to control the sales process, negotiations and meetings to the next level by learning effective Sales Psychology and NLP based techniques for influencing the sale.

The benefits of developing influencing and sales skills can never be underestimated. Whether in business or in our personal lives, we deal with people every day and often don’t receive the response that we want. How often have you walked out of a meeting and thought "If only I’d said that differently"?

By mastering the techniques introduced in this course, you will develop an effective communication and sales structure. This will give you a conscious understanding of linguistic patterns backed by a solid structure to the sales process, in turn allowing you to control and influence business and personal situations to a level reserved for business leaders and top management.

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"My team and I recently had the opportunity to participate in Neil's Communication and Persuasion training. Neil is an axcellent trainer and communicator. 

He is an expertin the field and his style of teaching made it a fun and memorable learning experience." 

Paul Jenks

Strategic Leader focused on delighting customers and growing businesses globally.

Jan 7, 2022, Paul was a client of Neil

Sales Effectiveness Fundamentals

This intensive one day training draws on leading NLP and sales psychology research to deliver a comprehensive framework for succeeding in sales. More Fortune 500 CEO’s come from the ranks of sales than any other area, but without an understanding of the underlying psychology of sales and a well-structured approach to the sales process, many executives continue to perform below their potential when it comes to closing the deal.

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The Psychology of Virtual Selling

Selling virtually presents a new set of challenges that many businesses continue to struggle with. This two one day virtual training introduces concepts to bridge the gap created in the Covid economy where coffee table chats and personal contact are less frequent or even non-existent. The content taught draws on leading NLP and sales psychology research to deliver a virtual strategy for taking back s control of the sales process.

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Developing & Delivering Compelling Pitches

This intensive one day training draws on leading research in the areas of linguistics, psychology and public speaking to bring together powerful content to teach the key skills required to deliver pitches like a pro.

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