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“A focused offering of engaging soft skills trainings, providing usable tools for better and measurable performance praised by our Clients”


The Evolution-U Business Suites are comprised of approximately 30 unique executive training courses containing 200+ unique modules drawing on best of breed business psychology and NLP

applications which we have selected and formatted to deliver focused, results driven



Evolution-U has developed approximately 30 soft skills training courses comprising over 200 separate modules of theory and application. All content was originally developed for classroom delivery to teams of up to 20 people, though the recommended participant number is from 8-12. Evolution-U also delivers on demand, custom designed keynote speeches and workshops for any number of participants (ie 100+). Core subject matter covered include NLP Communication, Persuasion Psychology, Sales Excellence, Negotiation Theory, Stakeholder Management, Personal Empowerment, Building Trust, Leadership, Coaching, Resilience and Personality Profiling.

Study Group


Virtual Conference

Since March 2020, Evolution-U has adapted all its most popular trainings to be optimised for virtual learning. Delivery is based around 90 minute sessions with a one day class room training equating to 4 x 90 minute virtual sessions over one or two days. Regular use of breakout rooms and third party collaboration tools such as Mentimeter help maintain a high level of participant interaction. The most popular virtual training since the onset of the pandemic have been around collaborative communications, managing conflict, delivering compelling presentations and pitches, virtual sales, and strategic negotiation.


Studio Portrait

Evolution-U has developed fully online eLearning modules for lawyers, investment bankers, general business application and for students in the space of ‘How to develop Negotiation Power’. We also offer a fully online training on ‘Managing Unconscious Bias’ and have developed industry specific content for the spa and wellness sector on developing a building repeat clientele. All courses are available in English with selected content also available in French and Spanish. Evolution-U has built a proprietary LMS which allows cost effective delivery of content without 3rd party license fees, and can develop customised eLearning content on demand.


For any of Evolution-U’s eLearning content, a blended solution is available. Our approach to blended learning is to allow large teams to complete online eLearning content first, before focused instructor-led application sessions of 2-3 hours are delivered to smaller groups. Either a general or customised format is available using pre-work, theory review, role play, case study and/or experience sharing. Application sessions can be either classroom or virtual.

Certification Courses

Evolution-U offers practitioner certification trainings in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis. Each training is sanctioned by the respective professional bodies of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), Timeline Therapy Association (TLTA) and American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) respectively. Certified practitioners are qualified to offer services in the areas of therapy and business consulting based on the skills taught. Certification trainings are arranged on demand and require a minimum class size of six people.

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