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“Words, either you control them, or those that control them control you..”
Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP

We are all in sales, irrespective of our title or role. Whether in business or in our personal lives, we deal with people every day and often don’t receive the response that we want. How often have you walked out of a meeting and thought ‘If only I’d said it differently”? The benefits of developing influencing and sales skills can never be underestimated.



By mastering the techniques taught in the Evolution-U Sales Effectiveness Suite, you will develop an effective communication and sales structure. This will give you a consc`ious understanding of linguistic patterns backed by a solid structure to the sales process, in turn allowing you to control and influence business and personal situations to a level reserved for business leaders and top management.


All trainings actively use role plays and/or case studies to give participants reference points for practical applications relevant to each participant. For further information on course dates and how to register, please contact

As for the formatting and layout, use the existing as much as possible. You will need to change the course titles to the current wheel ones and Jessica can supply the PDF’s.

Sales Effectiveness Business Suite

Sales Effectiveness Fundamentals (SEF)

This intensive one day training draws on leading NLP and sales psychology research to deliver a comprehensive framework for succeeding in sales. More Fortune 500 CEO’s come from the ranks of sales than any other area, however without an understanding of the underlying psychology of sales and a well-structured approach to the sales process, many executives continue to perform below their potential when it comes to closing the deal.

Duration: ½ Day, 1 Day, 2 Days
Level: Foundation

Building Resilience to Drive Sales (BRS)

Building Resilience to Drive Sales follows Sales Effectiveness Fundamentals which is a prerequisite to taking this course. This one day training expands on the principles taught in SEF, introducing additional theory and powerful concepts for taking sales effectiveness to the next level by building resilience to deal with the challenges that are part of top level sales performance. Once again participants are required to use the tools taught in class and develop best sales practices that are business relevant to their roles.

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Advanced
Pre-requisites: SEF

Developing Compelling Sales Scripts (DCS)

The ‘Developing Compelling Sales Scripts & Successful Sales Scripts’ course is a stand alone training that can be taken independently of the Sales Effectiveness Fundamentals and Advanced Sales Effectiveness trainings from the Evolution-U Sales Effectiveness Business Suite. Developed due to regular client requests for such content, DCS covers the fundamentals of developing compelling content, increasing the likelihood that we keep our targets attention until we have delivered the information we need. Using well researched and utilised techniques, this training requires participants to think outside of the box & apply the concepts learnt in class to situations relevant to their business needs.

Duration: 1 Day
Level: Expert

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