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Negotiation Trainings

Most negotiations are won or lost in the preparation - before the actual negotiation starts. Understanding the basic principles of negotiation, how to analyse both your own and your opponents position effectively, and having awareness of the common mistakes made by inexperienced negotiators is critical to improving your negotiation influence. This intensive one day training covers the key theories of negotiation and uses case studies and break out sessions to instill the learning in an effective and comprehensive manner. This course is only offered privately to corporate clients.

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The training held by Neil on sales and negotiations has given us some valuable insights on how we could address any situation and have a win win win result at the end of the day.the role plays and valueable suggestions post them have been instrumental in shaping our approach towards clients.thanks Neil and look forward to more interactions.

Thelston S.E Almeida

Senior Manager, Business Support, First Advantage.

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