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Sales Trainings

Take your ability to control the sales process, negotiations and meetings to the next level by learning effective Sales Psychology and NLP based techniques for influencing the sale.

The benefits of developing influencing and sales skills can never be underestimated. Whether in business or in our personal lives, we deal with people every day and often don’t receive the response that we want. How often have you walked out of a meeting and thought "If only I’d said that differently"?

By mastering the techniques introduced in this course, you will develop an effective communication and sales structure. This will give you a conscious understanding of linguistic patterns backed by a solid structure to the sales process, in turn allowing you to control and influence business and personal situations to a level reserved for business leaders and top management.

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"|'ve taken a number of sales trainings, and Neil's is the] best | been in thus far. He was engaging, VERY funny, and provided new tools | will carry around in my toolbelt. His training included real life scenarios we face in our interactions with customers. Other training participants and | chuckled about the fact that we were already applying tips from Neil's training later in the week. | will recommend his training to other teams as well as to peers in other organizations.

Tife B.
Sales Manager
Nov 17, 2021, Tife was a client of Neil

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