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Executive Negotiation Business Suite

" Neil's session on Negotiation Power was to the point

but delivered with real life examples, making it

impactful. The framework provided was very useful and

stops you in your tracks to think about assumptions

being made by different parties and what is often left

on the table when it comes to negotiations. Definitely

recommend this session by him."

Amar Shah

COO & CAO | Capital Markets | Operational Risk &

Governance | Project Management &

Transformation | Strategy & Execution | Regulatory

Liaison | Real Estate & Workplace

Jan 20, 2021, Amar was a client of Neil

Language & Communication Business Suite 

My team and I recently had the opportunity to participate ..

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Persuasion & Influence Business Suite

Sales Effectiveness Business Suite

 "|'ve taken a number of sales trainings, and Neil's is the

best | been in thus far. He was engaging, VERY funny,

and provided new tools | will carry around in my

toolbelt. His training included real life scenarios we face

in our interactions with customers. Other training

participants and | chuckled about the fact that we were

already applying tips from Neil's training later in the

week. | will recommend his training to other teams as

well as to peers in other organizations."

Tife B.

Sales Manager

Nov 17, 2021, Tife was a client of Neil

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